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Injury Claims For Workers With Self-Insured Employers

There are no workers’ compensation insurance companies operating in Ohio. That is because insurance is issued through the state of Ohio itself. The exception to the rule is self-insured employers. These are employers large enough and with enough financial resources that they can provide all of the necessary benefits out of their own pockets when an employee is injured.

At the Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we are able to handle challenging cases involving Ohio self-insured employers. We have more than 35 years of experience on our side, so you can be confident in our ability to get the results you need.

Why Are These Cases Different?

In an ordinary workers’ compensation case, the money is coming out of the state’s pocket. In cases involving self-insured employers, the money is coming directly out of the employer’s pocket. Employers are much more likely to fight when it is their own money on the line.

Our lawyers understand that these cases are more adversarial. We understand that self-insured employers will take steps to avoid having to pay comp claims. However, we also know that these companies are not immune to the state’s workers’ comp laws. If they unfairly deny a claim, we are still able to take the matter to the Ohio Industrial Commission for a hearing in order to get the claim approved. We will take the matter to the level necessary to get the results you need.

Noninsured And Noncomplying Employers

Some employers simply do not obey the law. One of the most common methods employers use to avoid the whole issue of workers’ compensation is to claim that an employee is actually an independent contractor. There are clear guidelines that differentiate a contractor from an employee. Many employers do not follow these guidelines. In other words, if you have been injured at work and your employer says you are an independent contractor, do not take this fact for granted. You may not be. You may be eligible for benefits like any other employee.

Start With A Free Consultation

Our services are available on a contingency fee basis, which means we only ask for payment if we are successful in getting you the benefits you need.

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