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Whether you are the victim of a workplace injury or disabilities, we can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Helping Injured Roofers Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While there is a level of risk involved in roofing, most construction workers are very comfortable with the elements involved in the job — going up and down a ladder too many times to count in one day, working at great heights while atop scaffolding, and balancing in precarious situations while on residential and commercial roofs. It is all in a day’s work for many roofers and construction workers.

When a roofing accident occurs, it can take the worker by surprise. Ladders that were thought to be safe and in proper working order can fail. Scaffolding can be improperly constructed. Suddenly, a normal day at work can turn into a frightening event that results in serious injury, including back and head injuries, and the loss of ability to work.

The Philip J. Fulton Law Office is a Columbus, Ohio-based law firm that has focused exclusively on protecting the rights of injured workers since 1980. Our workers’ compensation attorneys seek timely and effective awards and settlements on behalf of injured workers throughout the state. To start defending your rights today, call us locally at 614-963-9569 to arrange a free consultation.

Turn To Us If A Roof Fall Has Caused Injury Or Disability

Our law firm has an impressive history of successful awards and settlements on behalf of construction workers injured in on-the-job accidents, including those injured in roofing accidents. We seek workers’ compensation insurance awards for costs that include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Disability

While roofers are exposed to the dangers of heights and the risk of falling, construction companies can take many steps to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Our law firm can launch an investigation into possible safety violations that may have factored into the accident.

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