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Depression may qualify an applicant for disability benefits

Depression is a serious mental illness that can deprive a person of their ability to enjoy life, maintain their health and hold down a job. Ohio residents who struggle with depression understand the severe impact that it can have on one's own life and that of their family. In some situations, depression may be so serious that it qualifies its victims for disability benefits.

Per guidance provided by the Social Security Administration's list of qualifying ailments, depression may serve as the basis of a disability benefits application if it satisfies certain criteria. For example, the applicant must show that they suffer from multiple symptoms of a depressive disorder, such as but not limited to suicidal thoughts, sleep and appetite problems, loss of interest in regular activities, and loss of energy.

Workplace injuries, Ohio railroad workers and FELA

Some people are not cut out for desk jobs. There is an allure of working with your hands or not being chained to a desk. However, certain manual labor jobs are more dangerous than the average office job. FELA, or Federal Employers Liability Act, was designed to protect railroad workers and to give them recourse, if they suffer an injury on the job.

To even begin explaining how one could be injured working for a railroad is a long list of items. Many of which, may not account for a variety of "mystery factors" that could impact or cause a railroad accident workplace injury. FELA was established over a century ago and continues to provide a system for legal recovery for injured railroad workers and their families.

Are common workplace hazards threatening your safety?

Ohio readers know that workplace safety is crucial, no matter the type of job or industry. As an employee, you have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety on the job, even if your job comes with certain inherent risks. Employers have the responsibility of making sure you are as safe as possible and have what you need to complete your job safely.

There are certain types of hazards that are more common that others in the workplace. It is smart for employers to understand common risks and work diligently to rid your place of work from any unnecessary or preventable hazards. With diligence, awareness and safety enforcement, many workplace accidents are preventable.

City cited for workplace safety violations

Going to work every day should not be something that we fear from physical standpoint. Yet, often individuals are hurt in workplace injuries that leave them with serious injuries. These injuries can be difficult to overcome, and the damages associated with them can be extensive. Medical expenses can quickly pile up, and these victims may miss work to focus on their health, causing them to be subjected to lost wages. As trying as this can be for workplace accident victims, they may find relief through workers' compensation benefits.

This is the situation two Ohio workers found themselves in earlier this year when the trench they were working in collapsed. Reports indicated that a crew was working in the trench to install sewer pipes, leaving a 21-year-old injured. Another worker, 25-years-old, was also hurt as he attempted to assist the other victim.

What types of damages can families receive for wrongful death?

Wrongful death damages are an important Ohio legal remedy for family members who have suffered the loss of their loved one in a workplace accident, construction accident or in some other way. A wrongful death claim for damages can also hold a third-party responsible for the wrongful death accountable.

Though survivor's benefits may be available through workers' compensation, when a third party negligently caused the wrongful death, family members may be able to pursue damages through a wrongful death claim for damages. Wrongful death damages can be more comprehensive than workers' compensation options. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that wrongful death damages depend on the unique circumstances and characteristics of the victim.

Forklift injuries can be severe

Warehouses and distribution centers are more important than ever. Even as brick-and-mortar retail businesses close, consumers do more online shopping each year. You are among those warehouse workers in Ohio who pick and distribute those purchases.

It is easy to underestimate the dangers inherent in warehouse work. When you become accustomed to the towering levels of inventory, the fast-moving equipment and the ever-increasing quotas, it is not always easy to remember critical safety training. Nevertheless, working in a warehouse is one of the most dangerous occupations to have, particularly when it comes to forklift accidents.

When are workers' compensation benefits available?

Knowing when workers' compensation benefits may be available is important for workers who have been injured on the job. Injured workers likely have a variety of questions associated with the availability of workers' compensation benefits.

In general, workers' compensation benefits help injured workers with the costs of the medical care they need during the recovery process and the lost earnings they suffer while they are recovering from the work-related injury they have suffered. Some injuries that workers may be able to recover workers' compensation benefits for include carpal tunnel syndrome or injuries suffered in a fall, for example.

How can I get Social Security disability benefits?

When can I get Social Security disability? How do I receive benefits? These may have been questions you have asked yourself and are important questions to have answers to. The answers can be helpful to allow disabled individuals to seek the Social Security disability benefits they need.

To begin with, to qualify for benefits, the disabled individual applying for benefits must have the necessary work history in jobs that paid into Social Security. Once the disabled applicant meets the work history requirement, which requires that the work history be both long enough and recent enough, they must also meet the disability requirement and then may be able to receive monthly disability benefits.

Help with a workers' compensation claim

There are a variety of issues that can go wrong with a workers' compensation claim, just when injured workers and their families may need the benefits the most. The law behind a workers' compensation claim is something that injured workers and their families need to know to claim the benefits they likely badly need following a workplace accident or injury.

In some circumstances, a claim for workers' compensation will be denied outright. In other circumstances, the rate set for compensation of lost wages may be set too low. Still in other circumstances, the injured worker may have difficulty accessing quality medical care or treatment, or their coverage may have been challenged or their employment status may have been challenged.

Scaffolding falls are a danger to construction workers

A construction accident can seriously harm workers and their families. Some of the most common types of construction accidents involve scaffolding falls or other types of falls from lifts, hoists or ladders. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an estimated 65 percent of construction workers work frequently on scaffolds, making scaffolding falls and accidents a serious concern. Objects falling from scaffolds, lifts and ladders can also be a serious concern.

Scaffolding falls and other fall-related accidents can result in the most severe injuries. Scaffolding equipment may be defective, improperly installed or may be otherwise unsafe. There are design, construction and inspection requirements from OSHA related to scaffolding. The design and construction of scaffolds are required to conform with OSHA requirements related to the type of equipment, construction methods and rate capacities.

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