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Evaluation process to qualify for SSD/SSI benefits

Everyone, at some point in their life, has a moment when their body fails them. For some, this happens sooner in life, rather than later. This can pose a real crisis for those that have many years left in their life, how does one provide for themselves when they have a disability? If you have contributed taxable wages over your lifetime, you could be eligible for government-backed programs like Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income.

An important thing to note is what the Social Security Administration, or SSA, considers the definition of disabled to be. These criteria must be met in order to meet the minimum disability requirements. One cannot perform the work that you did prior to your medical condition, one cannot do other types of work because of your medical condition and, lastly, a disability has lasted for a continuous period of at least 12 months, or is expected to result in death. Total disability is the only type covered by SSD and is an important component if seeking to qualify for SSD/SSI benefits.

The financial implications for a worker's family after fatality

When your loved one left for work in the morning, you never dreamed that he or she wouldn't return. The truth is that workers die at work and it can happen for a variety of reasons. While the crushing grief can engulf a family, there are many other aspects of a family's life that can change drastically after suddenly losing a loved one. One of those aspects is financial health.

While you or a friend may have lost a very important person in your lives, be it a mother, brother, father or son, the list goes on. When reality sets in, loved ones often realize they are missing more than a loved one. They are missing a financial component in their lives that they greatly depended on. This financial crippling can have long-lasting implications.

Ohio golf course cited after workplace injury incident

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere. OSHA, or the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has cited an Ohio golf course for failing to adhere to policy in lieu of a worker's work injury incident. After a full investigation, OSHA cited the golf course on several worker safety violations. The citations were for actions or inactions, taken before or after the worker's injury incident.

The day of the accident, the worker was mowing the lawn on the property when the lawn mower turned over on a steep embankment and he was injured. The inspectors from OSHA claim that OSHA inspectors the golf course did not have a roll bar installed on the mower, exposed workers to chemical hazards and failed to develop and implement an emergency action plan. Additionally, it was determined that found that the golf course failed to maintain accurate injury and illness records. In addition, it was alleged that the injury was not reported as required.

Did your job lead to the development of asthma? You have rights.

If you suffer injuries in a workplace accident, you may be aware of the fact that you could be entitled to certain types of benefits through a workers' compensation claim. However, these benefits are also available to Ohio individuals who are sick because of their jobs. If your work is the reason for your illness, you could have a valid claim.

Occupational asthma is an example of the many types of work-related sicknesses that workers may develop. This illness can lead to health complications, and it may be the result of inhalation of certain things in your workplace. If you think exposure in your place of work is the reason for your diagnosis, you would be wise to take quick action to protect your interests and seek the financial support you deserve.

Mental health claims can qualify for SSD benefits

When a person catches a cold or is feeling otherwise tired or un-well, they often check in with their body to see if there is something going on that's causing them illness or injury. However, mental health isn't always treated the same. Mental health is just as important as physical health but is often overlooked by the general public. Luckily, Social Security Disability benefits are not as biased.

This is because those who suffer from mental illness in which causes a disability and are unable to work can collect Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions. There is a list of diagnoses and mental disorders that if one has been officially diagnosed with, can quickly clear the person to receive benefits. However, certain conditions can appear intermittently in a person's life or the disability itself can make it difficult or impossible to explain oneself to the SSA. Mental illness can also be more subjective than physical illness which can make it a bit tougher to prove.

Hidden dangers and the things that could compromise your safety

You may believe because you work in an office or in a job that does not require any type of physical labor that you are not likely to suffer a workplace accident. However, there are certain types of safety threats that could be hiding in your workplace, no matter where you work. It is smart to know how to protect your safety and what you can do to in case of a work accident. 

Often, Ohio workers feel unsure of what to do when they experience injuries in a workplace accident. They may not understand their right to certain types of benefits, especially if they think they are partially to blame for the accident. You may find it helpful to learn about common workplace hazards and your rights after suffering from a work injury.

Highway 24 worker killed when struck doing road work

There is a law in Ohio that states a vehicle must move over to the next lane if there is a vehicle pulled over with lights flashing. There are several reasons that this law is in place, the most important being to save human lives. This is because when people are on the side of the road, they are in danger of being struck by another vehicle. This is exactly what happened to an Ohio construction worker on the side of Highway 24.

The specific location was on the shoulder of Highway 24 in Waterville Township. Officials claim the driver was driving in the left lane when he changed lanes and traveled too far over, hitting the victim and the crew's work truck in the left shoulder. According to witnesses, speed isn't thought to be a factor and it's not yet known what caused the man to veer into the construction lane.

Denied SSD claim? We can help

After years of time spent in the workforce, it's a wonder that more people's bodies don't give out before they are ready. Granted, some people do make it to retirement largely unscathed, but those who aren't so lucky, what are their options? Mental or physical disability could come unexpectedly, rendering a person unable to work.

At the Philip J Fulton Law Office, we have helped countless people with their claims in search of SSD or SSI benefits. Whether in the beginning stages or if you have spent weeks or years in an open claim process, we can help at any stage. It can be quicker and thus better for the person seeking a claim, if the paperwork is filled out correctly the first time. This reduces the possibility of a denied claim.

Why are construction accidents so common and who is responsible?

As a construction worker, you put your body and well-being on the line every day you show up to work. This is because your body is your tool and main source of income and success in your profession. Unlike the typical desk job, construction workers have a very different perspective when it comes to their typical job duties and how it can impact their health. This is because construction worker accident injuries are much more common in comparison to the standard office job.

Based on the inherent nature of construction jobs, they are just more dangerous for workers. This is because there are a variety of dangers on the job, such as heavy equipment, work that is done from heights that, if used or executed improperly, can easily result in injury. In addition, there are often several managers or companies on a job-site that can lead to multiple initiatives and several concurrent projects that can cause a safety hazard. Construction accident injuries can be complicated, in that, there can be several parties responsible for the injury if there are a number of contractors and sub-contractors involved on the project.

Two types of rehabilitation when receiving workers' comp

If you or a loved one is receiving rehabilitation after suffering a workplace injury, there are really two types of activities that could be going on. One is the traditional medically-related rehabilitation, one that challenges your body or mind or return to the condition it was pre-work injury. The other rehabilitation concerns "vocational" rehabilitation. In many states, injured workers who cannot return to their former employment are entitled to this type of rehabilitation at the expense of their employer's workers' compensation carrier.

It's possible an injured worker could be receiving one or both types of rehabilitation after suffering a work injury and taking workers' compensation benefits. Just like with medical rehabilitation, there are lots of possibilities as to what rehabilitative exercises or 'activities' a person could be exposed to in order to help their transition back to work after a work injury. Because not all workers will be able to return to their job after suffering a work injury, the second type of rehabilitation aims at helping the injured worker gain skills, experience and confidence to make the transition to a different job or profession.

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