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What are the “Fatal Four” in construction?

The construction industry provides steady employment for many people across Ohio. While this is a positive, there are some drawbacks to the construction sector — namely that it can be dangerous.

In construction, there are four types of incidents that are especially dangerous. These are often described as the “Fatal Four”. What are the Fatal Four in construction?


Falls are by far the most common causes of accidents in construction. All falls can be serious, but especially those that occur from heights. Workers have to be very careful when on scaffolding platforms and using ladders. Safety rails should always be fitted on scaffolding platforms and workers should ensure that they have three points of contact when climbing ladders.

Struck-by accidents

The most common ways that these types of incidents occur are when workers are struck by:

  • Vehicles
  • Swinging objects like cranes
  • Falling objects such as tools

Stuck-by accidents have the potential to cause severe head trauma and other serious injuries.

Caught in/between accidents

These occur when workers are trapped between certain objects, material or structures and cannot free themselves. In construction, machinery, vehicles and building materials can be heavy, which means a worker may be trapped if caught in or between them. These types of accidents can cause crush injuries, and they may even be fatal.


Most construction sites are powered by electricity. This means that there is always the potential for electrocution incidents to occur — particularly with faulty or damaged equipment.

On some sites, workers may be carrying out their tasks directly below power lines. If a vehicle or piece of equipment collides with these power lines, this can result in a fatal accident.

If you have been hurt on the job, then you may be entitled to compensation that covers your medical bills and helps with lost wages. Seeking more legal information will give you a better idea of how workers’ compensation works in Ohio.