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How long does a disability need to last?

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, it’s important to fully understand the definition of disability used by the SSA. Your condition has to meet this definition, and you’ll need to back it up with medical evidence. But the definition that the SSA uses is not always the same as what people believe constitutes a disability in their specific case.

According to the SSA, the disability needs to last for a minimum of 12 months. That’s how long it has to keep you out of work. It can also be indefinite, meaning that it is eventually expected to lead to your death. But if it is projected for under 12 months, even if it does keep you out of the workforce, you may not qualify for the benefits that you’re seeking.

How long will the benefits last?

If you do qualify for disability benefits, then they will generally last until you can work again. If you never can, you may receive benefits for the rest of your life. But if your condition improves, these benefits can be canceled or changed.

In fact, the SSA is quick to point out that medical technology is always improving. Some people may have disabilities now that could potentially be cured in the future – a spinal cord injury that can be cured through a new type of surgery, for instance. When things like this take place, those records may need to be updated to reflect the patient’s current condition.

Seeking benefits can be complex, and it may lead to disputes over what is and is not a disability. If you’re interested in applying for benefits or appealing a decision that’s already been made, take the time to carefully look into all of your legal options.