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Workers’ Compensation For Traveling Employees

Employees who travel for their work face all types of risks. If you are hurt, whether in Ohio or outside of Ohio, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine if you are eligible to receive benefits while you recover from your injuries.

As a client of Philip J. Fulton Law Office, you will be working with some of the most experienced and respected workers’ compensation attorneys not just in Columbus, but throughout Ohio. As a traveling employee, representation by a lawyer like our founder, Philip J. Fulton, is essential when dealing with Ohio’s complex coverage laws.

Do You Fall Under Ohio’s ‘Coming And Going’ Rule?

Ohio workers’ compensation law has what is known as a “coming and going” rule. That means if you are hurt in an accident while driving home from work or walking after work to your car in a garage that your employer does not own or control, you may not receive workers’ comp benefits.

This rule, however, may not apply to employees where travel is a large part of their job. If you are a truck driver, traveling salesman, consultant or anyone else who travels for a large portion of your work, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation if you are hurt while on the road for your job. This could involve:

  • A slip-and-fall accident at a hotel
  • A car accident while traveling for work, not traveling to or from work
  • Being hurt at an airport while traveling for work
  • A trucking accident

As a traveling employee, you face the same hazards as office and construction workers, if not more. Determining if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, however, can be more complex than most other people who are hurt in an on-the-job accident. A respected voice on Ohio workers’ compensation law, Philip J. Fulton will provide you with the representation and resources you need to determine the best way to proceed with your case.

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