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Five Common Causes Of Construction-Related Injuries

By their very nature, construction sites can be dangerous places. In fact, whether you are working with large machinery, high atop scaffolding or anywhere else on a construction site, there are dangers around every corner. It is no wonder construction workers often suffer injuries at much higher rates than those in other industries.

While there are countless hazards that can easily lead to a construction site accident, below are five of the most common causes of construction injuries:

  • Falls from heights: Because construction workers often have to work on scaffolding, roofs, ladders and cranes, falls are probably the most frequent cause of injury on construction sites.
  • Falling objects: Because there will always be construction workers who have to work at great heights, it stands to reason that there will also be workers who have to work directly below them ― meaning falling objects, including tools, materials and debris, are another significant risk on construction sites.
  • “Caught between” accidents: Whether a worker is crushed between two large pieces of machinery or building materials, “caught between” accidents occur all too frequently on construction sites.
  • Trench/building collapses: Construction workers often have to work in trenches and dangerous buildings, including buildings that are being demolished. Sadly, if the walls of the trench or the building start to crumble with workers still inside, severe injuries are almost certain to occur.
  • Fire and explosions: Hazardous and flammable materials can often be found throughout construction sites, and, if ignited, can result in significant injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious construction-related injury, it is important to remember that you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. To learn more, contact the experienced attorneys at Philip J. Fulton Law Office today.

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