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Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim: The Basics

Though injured workers are entitled to compensation under the law for their medical expenses and other costs related to their injuries, actually obtaining the benefits that are due to you can be difficult. Filing paperwork, attending hearings, and all the other details that must be attended can distract from needed medical treatment and rehabilitation, and it is easy to inadvertently make a mistake that could cost you money. At our law firm in Columbus, Ohio, you can find a workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer to help you secure the benefits that are due to you under the law.

Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance provides benefits for workers suffering from a long-term (12 months or more), permanent, or terminal medical condition that prevents them from working. The process of securing Social Security Disability benefits is complex and retaining a lawyer can increase your likelihood of success. In order to apply, your disability must be medically documented. It is important to maintain meticulous medical records, particularly those pertaining to the disability.

The first step in pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance is to fill out an application for benefits. This form is available online; you can also apply over the phone or in person at any Social Security office.

The next step is an interview with a representative from the Social Security Administration to determine your disability status. You should have relevant financial and medical information ready for this interview, including tax forms, employment records, your birth certificate, and medical records.

Securing Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may take months. Your lawyer from our Columbus, Ohio-based firm can help throughout this process, making sure you are prepared for each phase of the process and protecting your legal rights as an injured worker.

Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Unlike Social Security Disability Insurance, workers’ compensation is designed to provide both short and long-term financial support for injured workers. Many workers who receive workers’ compensation benefits are ultimately able to return to work. However, the expenses associated with even a temporary injury can be enormous, and the stakes are high for injury victims seeking compensation. For this reason, it is important to consult a qualified attorney if you are applying for workers’ compensation, particularly if your application has been denied.

In the state of Ohio, most workers’ compensation matters are handled by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. You can apply online or complete the form by hand and submit it to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The information required is similar to that needed for a Social Security Disability application: you must provide relevant personal and professional records as well as medical records associated with your injury. Our attorneys can help you prepare your application and advocate forcefully for you throughout the workers’ compensation process.

Contact A Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer — File For Benefits In Columbus, Ohio

Filing for workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be confusing, but with a lawyer from the Columbus, Ohio-based Philip J. Fulton Law Office, you can be sure that your claim will receive the attention it deserves. Contact our workers’ compensation firm today to discuss your case with a veteran attorney. Call our Columbus office at 614-963-9569.