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What Are Some Common Problems With Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Have you filed a valid workers’ compensation claim in Ohio and been denied? Has your rate of compensation for lost wages been set lower than what you believe it should be? Perhaps your employment status and coverage have been challenged, or you have run into problems getting quality medical treatment.

Filing an Ohio workers’ compensation claim properly is challenging in its own right. Overcoming any serious dispute that arises demands focused, highly qualified legal representation. At the Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, you will work closely with attorneys who make this complex area of the law their exclusive focus. We have earned favorable results for thousands of injured workers statewide, and we are here to help you.

Claim Denials · Disputes Over Coverage, Wage Rates And Medical Care

Problems with workers’ comp claims can be tremendously stressful and devastating to both your physical recovery and financial stability. Our lawyers know the relevant laws, systems and processes in great depth, and we are impeccably equipped to address challenges such as:

  • Disputing and appealing any wrongful claim denial, whether the reasons offered for the denial involve employment status, medical evidence or other factors
  • Helping make sure your wage rate is set properly and you receive all compensation you deserve for income lost during the time you are unable to work
  • Contesting an employer’s assertion that you are an independent contractor rather than an employee entitled to coverage under workers’ compensation
  • Resolving issues related to obtaining the quality medical treatment you need following an injury at work, including being told you cannot see the doctor you want or being denied approval for specific medical services

Speak With An Experienced Lawyer Who Will Prioritize Your Case And Concerns

Advocacy for the injured and disabled has been a clear strength of our legal team for more than 35 years. Our attorneys not only practice workers’ compensation law with great success; they are teachers, writers and lecturers versed in the nuances of this complex practice area.

For the representation you need regardless of the workers’ comp issue you may be facing, call us at 614-963-9569. You may also reach us by email. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and charge no attorney fees unless we obtain benefits for you.