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Pursuing Vocational Rehabilitation And Living Maintenance Compensation

In Ohio, some additional types of workers’ compensation benefits that are available to injured or sick workers include vocational rehabilitation and living maintenance compensation. These benefits are designed to help you return to the workforce, even if it is not in the same line of work as before your accident or illness.

At Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to maximizing the compensation you receive. We can help you determine if you are eligible for these benefits and go through the necessary steps to receive them.

What Are Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits?

This voluntary program was created to help workers get back to the workforce. It can include returning to your same job, returning to a different job with the same employer or just returning to a new job with any employer. This can also include training for learning new skills in different industries.

To qualify, you will need a referral, either from yourself, your lawyer or your doctor. Determinations will then be made for your eligibility and whether you will actually benefit from the vocational rehabilitation program. You could potentially receive job search help, training and therapy to adjust to new physical demands.

What Is Living Maintenance Compensation?

These benefits work hand-in-hand with vocational rehabilitation benefits. If you participate in a vocational rehabilitation plan, you will receive living maintenance compensation while you go through your vocational rehabilitation training.

There are also benefits known as living maintenance wage loss. You may be eligible for these if you completed your vocational rehabilitation program and are making less in your new job.

Get Philip J. Fulton Law Office On Your Side

Determining if you qualify for these benefits and getting through the process of claiming them can be quite complex. However, our founder, Philip J. Fulton is known throughout Ohio for his deep knowledge of workers’ compensation law and long track record of helping injured workers. As a client of our law firm, you will benefit from Philip’s personal involvement in every single case.

If you want to learn more about these benefits or need a lawyer to help you determine if you qualify, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call 614-963-9569. We accept all cases on a contingency basis, meaning you will owe nothing unless we secure benefits for you.