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Helping Commercial And Delivery Drivers After Serious Injuries

Commercial drivers who are injured on the job are often uncertain whether they are covered by Ohio workers’ compensation insurance. Those who do file claims sometimes run into complex disputes over their employment status and other issues. Our Columbus law firm is a proven resource for reliable answers and determined, results-focused legal advocacy.

Versed In The Unique Concerns Of Commercial Drivers Injured On The Job

At the Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we have counseled and represented numerous over-the-road truck drivers, taxi drivers, delivery drivers and others injured in their transportation jobs. Our Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys’ knowledge and capabilities cover the spectrum of challenging issues that arise, including:

  • The validity of a company’s claim that you were working as an independent contractor
  • Unique concerns of self-employed commercial drivers and others who may need to purchase their own workers’ compensation insurance to have coverage
  • All aspects of your eligibility for benefits as an out-of-state worker injured in Ohio or a driver employed here but injured in another state — including issues of “sufficient contacts”
  • Legal options you may have if your injuries are not covered under Ohio workers’ compensation law, which could include a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent employer or other at-fault party

How Delivery Drivers May Be At Risk

Drivers who deliver things for a living, like packages and food, may be particularly at risk for certain injuries. These types of jobs can be more physically demanding and lead to a variety of injuries while on the job.

There are countless ways a delivery driver can be injured while working, but a few of the most common injuries include:

  • Slip-and-falls – These injuries occur especially in the winter months when snow and ice on roads and sidewalks come into play.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – Getting into an accident on the road, or being hit by a vehicle while walking, can be even more complicated if you’re on the job.
  • Falls from heights – Delivering items sometimes requires climbing stairs and to other elevated heights.
  • Repetitive motions – Lifting boxes and driving both can lead to a repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel or tendinitis. Poor driver’s seat ergonomics can also cause injuries. Lifting heavy objects can also lead to different injuries.
  • Animal attacks – Delivery drivers can be at higher risk of encountering aggressive animals like dogs or wild animals.

These are just a few of the more common injuries suffered by delivery drivers. But it’s no secret that this job puts people at significant risk.

Clear, Caring Counsel And Skilled Representation For Your Work Injury Claim

If you are covered by Ohio workers’ compensation insurance, it is important to know that you are likely entitled to benefits regardless of whether you were at fault for an on-the-job vehicle accident. Our lawyers have also handled numerous commercial driver injury cases involving accidents on loading docks and while performing other job duties besides driving.

We welcome all calls and questions from commercial drivers. You can benefit from a free consultation with an experienced lawyer at our firm whether you want to file properly, have had your claim denied, run into other problems or simply want to know if you are covered. Contact us at 614-963-9569 or by email.