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Out-Of-State Workers/Ohio Workers’ Compensation Issues

The Ohio workers’ compensation system provides wage and medical benefits for workers who have suffered work-related injury or illness. Workers may be eligible for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits if they have “sufficient contacts” with the state of Ohio.

Injured workers should understand these concepts regarding the issue of sufficient contacts:

  • You may be eligible for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits even if your injury did not occur in Ohio.
  • The location where a contract for hire is made is an issue for consideration.
  • The location of an employer and the actions of an employer within a particular state are issues for consideration.
  • Other issues must be considered to determine whether sufficient contacts were present to allow an injured worker to be eligible for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. Courts review the totality of circumstances concerning an employment relationship when determining if sufficient contacts exist.

Ohio law limits an injured worker’s ability to obtain Ohio workers’ compensation benefits when the worker files for workers’ compensation benefits in another state. If you want to file for workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio, you should file only in Ohio to avoid losing your right to obtain such benefits.

Different states have different rates of workers’ compensation benefits, so it is critical that you file for benefits in the correct state. If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Please note that some employers advise their employees to apply for workers’ compensation benefits in a state that pays less in benefits. Do not assume that your employer is looking out for your best interests. As the injured employee, you have a right to determine where you seek benefits. An experienced attorney can best advise you on how to properly proceed to protect your rights.

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At Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we bring to each case considerable experience and expertise. Our attorneys have helped thousands of injured workers.

Our founding attorney, Philip J. Fulton, is a highly respected authority on Ohio’s workers’ compensation laws. In addition to his 35-plus years of practice in workers’ compensation law, Mr. Fulton is the author of the well-known treatise on workers’ compensation, “Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law,” which is used by workers’ compensation attorneys, doctors, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, the Ohio Industrial Commission and the court system.

Philip J. Fulton is a member of a national group of workers’ compensation attorneys and is knowledgeable about workers’ compensation laws in Ohio and other states. If necessary, he has attorney contacts in states throughout the country to enable him to assist you in determining where to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

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