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How Long Do I Have to File A Claim For A Work-Related Injury?

If you don’t report your injuries at work, your employer may try to tell you that you can’t file a workers’ comp claim. This is not true. You can still file a claim.

At the Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we have more than 35 years of experience guiding clients through the workers’ compensation process. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can answer your questions and provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions about your claim.

What Is the Statute Of Limitations For Workers’ Comp Claims?

When you have been injured in an accident at work, you have one year to file a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). The BWC processes applications for workers’ compensation and will issue a decision regarding your case within 28 days of filing.

If your claim involves an occupational disease, you must file with the BWC within two years of the date of disability. When the date of disability begins depends on a number of different circumstances. This means that you may have a short period of time to file a claim for asbestosis, brain damage from chemical exposure or other types of occupational diseases.

Importance Of Working With An Attorney Today

When time is limited, it is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will need time to review your medical records and prepare your claim.

At our firm, we are committed to upholding the rights of injured workers in Ohio. We can help you with your initial application through to appeal. Whether you were just injured yesterday or your injury has developed over time, we can help you determine how long you have to file your claim after a work-related injury and build your claim for the BWC.

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