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What Is An SSDI Disability?

To be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, there are certain requirements that must be met. It is essential that you have documentation that details your inability to work for a minimum of 12 months due to your stated and medically supported disability. The physical or mental disability noted, or both, may qualify you for SSDI also if your condition has the potential of causing death.

When used pertaining to SSDI, disability refers to any medical condition that may impact your ability to work for the required period (12 months or more), including any physical injury, illness, mental disorder, brain impairment or other serious medical condition that significantly impairs your ability to work. Visit our section on physical disabilities and mental disabilities to learn more.

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, reach out to Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, Ohio. We represent clients throughout Ohio in Social Security Disability claims.

Work Impairment

Social Security Disability laws are strict when it comes to the issue of work impairment. Even if you are unable to return to your previous occupation, you are not eligible for benefits if you are able to transition to a new occupation. Your education, work history, age and other factors will be taken into consideration when determining your ability to find work. For disabled individuals 50 and over, there is an assumption that it is more difficult to transition to a new field of employment. Visit our section on 50 and over claims to learn more.

If retained to handle your case, our job is to build a compelling case for the SSDI benefits you are entitled to receive. If you are not eligible for SSDI benefits, you may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

To build strong cases, we take the time to listen carefully to our clients, thoroughly review their medical records, work with their doctors as necessary and prepare each case with meticulous care. With more than 35 years of experience helping injured and disabled clients, our firm is in a strong position to provide the necessary guidance and effective representation in even the most complex Social Security Disability cases. Whether you need help with an initial application or your claim has been denied, our skilled team of Social Security Disability attorneys can help.

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