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Can Stroke Victims Secure SSD Benefits?

Many of our clients at Philip J. Fulton Law Office ask us questions such as, “Does a stroke qualify as a disability for purposes of collecting Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits?” The answer to this question does not depend on the fact of a stroke, per se. Rather, the answer is the same as for any other illness or injury: It depends on the seriousness of the effects from the stroke.

Has a stroke left you unable to perform the duties of your job? Talk to one of our SSD attorneys to explore options available to you. A stroke may in fact lead to disability for the purposes of the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability: being unable to work at a full-time job for a year or more. If you have had a stroke and your doctors believe you will remain disabled for a year or more, this may be the right time to apply for SSD benefits.

On the other hand, you or your doctors may believe that you will improve enough to return to work. You can still apply for SSD benefits. If your claim is approved, you may still be able to work for up to nine months without losing benefits through the “return to work” program of the Social Security Administration.

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