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Over Age 50 Claims

To obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must have a qualifying disability that is expected to significantly impair your ability to work for at least 12 months. The work impairment requirement can be difficult to overcome for some SSDI applicants.

Proving Substantial Work Impairment

It is not enough to show that you are unable to return to your previous job. If you are under age 50, you must be able to prove that you are unable to perform any type of substantial gainful employment.

To make this determination, your age, education and previous work experience will all be taken into account. If you are a former construction worker who is unable to return to work in the field of construction due to a disabling physical condition, for example, your claim for SSDI benefits may still be denied if your age and education indicate that you could find employment in an office job or other occupation with less strenuous physical demands.

When you reach age 50, however, the law recognizes that it may be more difficult for you to go back to school to obtain a new degree, obtain additional job training or take additional steps necessary to transition into a new field of employment. Starting at age 50, and again at 55 and 60, the Social Security Administration makes it less difficult to prove that you have a qualifying disability.

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To speak with an experienced SSDI lawyer, contact Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, Ohio. We represent clients throughout Ohio in SSDI claims and appeals. We have experience advocating on behalf of disabled clients in 50 and over claims. Of course, we have also successfully obtained benefits for many clients under the age of 50.

Our attorneys have handled more than 1,000 Social Security Disability claims and are deeply committed to each client they serve. We care about our clients and make every effort to secure the full benefits they are entitled to receive.

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