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SSD Claim Denied? We Can Help With SSA Hearings And Appeals.

If you have filed for Social Security Disability benefits and been denied, do not give up. It is important to know that a substantial percentage of valid claims are not approved in this initial phase of the process. Hiring an experienced, qualified attorney to pursue your Social Security appeal likely represents your best chance of getting the benefits you need.

If Your Application Has Been Denied, Act Now To Get Qualified Legal Counsel

You have only a limited time to request reconsideration and avoid having to start the process over. At Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, we will meet with you in a free consultation to discuss your disability and the reasons for your claim denial. Our decades of experience enable us to effectively navigate all steps required to prepare for a Social Security Administration (SSA) hearing on your case.

Building The Strongest Evidence And Strategy For Your Social Security Appeal

We are committed to offering you sound, informed counsel on whether your condition is a qualifying impairment under SSA criteria. Lawyers at our firm will not advise you to proceed unless we believe you can ultimately obtain benefits — but we have pursued and won numerous complex, challenging-to-prove disability cases on appeal. Our work together may focus on:

  • Gathering additional medical evidence to better establish the severity of your disabling physical injury, physical illness or mental condition
  • Strengthening the substance of the evidence documenting your inability to perform work or maintain employment, based on extensive knowledge of how SSA officials evaluate claims
  • Ensuring that you are fully prepared for the hearing to decide whether you will receive the monthly benefit checks you need for basic support

You Will Pay No Attorney Fees Unless You Receive Benefits

Our legal team focuses exclusively on advocacy for the injured and disabled throughout Ohio. We handle SSA hearings and appeals for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

All our services are provided on a contingency basis, which means you will owe no fees unless we pursue your case and earn positive results that benefit you. Please contact us today at 614-963-9569, or via email for personal attention to your case.