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Brain Injury

How long does a TBI take to heal?

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the job, you may be very concerned with how quickly it will heal and when you can get back to work. You just want life to go back to normal. When is that going to happen? Every case is different Above all else, the first...

Traumatic brain injurys and substance abuse risk

After a traumatic brain injury, one additional issue that could be a concern is substance abuse. You may not have had any trouble with substance abuse in the past, but it's a concern for anyone who has a traumatic event in his or her life. This isn't often talked...

Worker killed, investigation ongoing in Elyria

Workplace injuries can quickly become fatal, especially if they're one of the main four. The most common injuries on the job include falls, electrocutions, being caught in or between objects, and being hit by falling objects. Most workplaces try to avoid these safety...