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Spinal and brain injuries can be life-changing events

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2016 | Brain Injury

When brain and spinal cord injuries take place, they often come together. A hit to the head, for instance, may result in a concussion as well as whiplash from the whipping motion of the skull. It’s up to doctors to diagnose these conditions, but if you are diagnosed, knowing that you can file a legal claim against the person responsible can take some pressure off you.

Traumatic brain injuries cause around 40 percent of all deaths caused by accidents and injuries. That, in total, means around 52,000 people die every year because of those injuries alone. Add to that the possibility of spinal injuries, and you can see that those who do survive may be left with permanent disabilities.

The brain and spinal cord make up two parts of the nervous system. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by force and cause the brain to swell and bleed in some cases. The worry with swelling is that because the brain has little space to expand, any pressure could lead to permanent brain damage. Spinal injuries are also most commonly caused by forceful trauma. Normally, an injury to the spinal column will be minor, because it’s designed to take an impact and protect the nerves inside. However, if the impact is hard enough, paralysis or weakness of the muscles is possible. With a serious spinal cord injury, around two in 10 patients die before reaching the hospital.

If you’ve been left with injuries after a workplace accident, it’s important that workers’ compensation or your employer’s insurance covers your medical needs. Our website has more information.