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Help with a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

There are a variety of issues that can go wrong with a workers’ compensation claim, just when injured workers and their families may need the benefits the most. The law behind a workers’ compensation claim is something that injured workers and their families need to know to claim the benefits they likely badly need following a workplace accident or injury.

In some circumstances, a claim for workers’ compensation will be denied outright. In other circumstances, the rate set for compensation of lost wages may be set too low. Still in other circumstances, the injured worker may have difficulty accessing quality medical care or treatment, or their coverage may have been challenged or their employment status may have been challenged.

Injured workers may face physical and financial recovery following a workplace accident or injury, making it important to know how to make a successful claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Injured workers should be familiar with how to dispute or appeal a wrongful denial of their workers’ compensation claim; how to ensure their wage rate is set so they receive compensation for their income that was lost while they were unable to work; and how to ensure they receive quality medical treatment, including the medical care provider and the specific treatment they need.

Workers’ compensation benefits are an important protection for injured workers and their families facing the unthinkable after a workplace accident or injury leaves the worker unable to earn a livelihood. Because workers and families rely on workers’ compensation benefits, it is essential that they know how to access them.