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How a hearing can help obtain SSD benefits

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Social Security Hearings And Appeals


One of the most important steps in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is the hearing before an administrative law judge. A claimant can request such a hearing if the original application was turned down and the denial was affirmed after the SSA considered a request for reconsideration. Many people in Ohio may wonder, however, how a Social Security Disability hearing can be helpful if the claim has already been denied.

The first reason for requesting a hearing is to obtain the opportunity to present the claim in person using both live witnesses and documentary evidence, such as medical records. Face-to-face communication is almost always the best way to make a request of any kind. In presenting a disability claim in a hearing, the claimant has the chance to tell the administrative law judge about the disability that gives rise to the claim and why the claimant is unable to engage in significant gainful activity.

The second reason for requesting a hearing is the opportunity to retain an advocate, usually a lawyer, to present the case. Evidence at disability hearings falls into two broad categories – medical records and employment records. Medical evidence can be especially complicated, and it is important to present the evidence to the administrative law judge in the clearest and most persuasive manner. It is also important to delete irrelevant evidence and emphasize the important facts of the case. A hearing also allows for cross-examination of witnesses.

At our law firm, we attempt to help our clients in all aspects of preparing and presenting claims for disability benefits. A careful review of the case may help determine if a person is qualified to receive SSD benefits and the best strategies for obtaining approval of a claim.