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Severe brain injury could be the end of life as you know it

When an employee is exposed to unsafe work conditions, the consequences can be catastrophic. Few people in Franklin, Ohio, worry about the chances that this could happen; this is a mistake. Without attentive workers, supervisors and proper regulations, the workplace could quickly become a hazardous environment for employees. From time to time, the workplace does devolve into this and it has left many individuals injured, some with moderate injuries and others with severe ones.

Thousands of NFL players blame league for brain damage

The National Football League is in the midst of a major controversy that may end up playing out in courts. Thousands of former players are hoping to sue the NFL because they believe that the league knew about the dangers and complications that come with a traumatic brain injury. Though the players were aware that they would likely receive concussions during their careers, they were not aware of the long-term effects that such brain damage can create.

Workers are often exposed to potentially damaging situations

A brain or spine injury can happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a scary but important realization that many people in Franklin, Ohio, have not come to terms with. Severe brain and spinal cord injuries are often life-changing and may require permanent caretaking for the victim. This often means that their life and the lives of loved ones are changed forever.

Even mild brain injurys can cause long-lasting damage

Researchers have discovered that even slight brain injurys can be extremely destructive and potentially deadly. Previously, many perceived that only severely traumatic brain injurys (TBI) could cause catastrophic changes in victims but a new study has determined otherwise.

New study reveals link between brain injury and infarctions

A study conducted by Sentient NeuroCare Services has revealed new information about traumatic brain injurys. According to the report, mild to severe vasospasm is seen in some victims of brain injury. This condition is associated with subarachnoid hemorrhages and it can cause certain areas of tissue to die due to a decreased supply of blood. Researchers believe that these factors should be monitored and could lead to conditional differences in care for patients.

Bringing awareness to the traumatic brain injury

A workplace injury is as likely to happen in Ohio as it is in any other state. In many cases, an occupational injury may involve a sprain or lower back issues, especially if you are performing some sort of manual labor. These are treatable and possess consequences, but there are other types of injuries that can occur on the job that are often much worse. One of these is brain injury.

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