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Who could be liable for a fatal work incident in Ohio? 

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Workers in any profession could experience an emergency on the job that puts their lives at risk. From accidental contact with machinery at a factory to a fire at a restaurant, there are countless scenarios that could endanger the life of an employee.

If a worker dies on the job in Ohio, workers’ compensation does provide certain benefits. However, families may also want to explore a wrongful death lawsuit. The no-fault rules for workers’ compensation in Ohio all but eliminate the possibility of suing an employer over a workplace incident. However, it may be possible to take legal action against a third party that contributed to a fatal job incident.

What other parties could be liable?

There are actually quite a few outside parties that could be partially liable for a worker’s death. If they were negligent or broke the law, that could provide the grounds necessary for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Obviously, if the incident involved criminal activity, the person who broke the law could be liable for any losses the family suffers due to someone’s death. Similarly, if there was a fatal crash while someone was on the job, the driver at fault for the wreck could face a lawsuit.

Often, it will be another business that may be liable. If the incident involved a product malfunctioning or defective machinery, the company that maintained or manufactured those pieces of equipment may be liable for the tragedy that occurred.

It is sometimes necessary to look at a situation very closely to determine what options a family might have after someone dies at work. Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit in addition to a workers’ compensation claim can help families more fully recover the losses generated by someone’s passing.