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Two strategies for preventing holiday workplace injuries

Although the holidays are a time of merriment, it is also peak season for workplace accidents. Workloads tend to increase toward the end of the year causing stress. However, managing your workload on top of holiday stress can leave you distracted. Without knowing it, you could ignore potential threats to your health and safety.

To enjoy the festive season free from injury and stress, it’ll be wise to take proactive steps to prioritize your health over the next few months.

Seek medical attention when you need to

Forceful exertion, repetitive labor or holding awkward positions can put you at risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These types of injuries can limit your mobility and cause severe pain.

Amid the holiday rush, it can be easy to neglect your needs in favor of meeting deadlines. Observing good workplace practices, making healthy lifestyle choices and knowing your limitations can help prevent MSDs. If you start to feel pain or discomfort because of work, it’s best to take a break and seek medical attention.

Don’t forget to give yourself a break

Having endless tasks on your plate can cause your fatigue levels to spike. Not getting sufficient rest and sleep from putting in extra hours at work can cause your focus, response time and awareness to suffer.

If you work with heavy machinery or tools, fatigue can pose a serious safety risk. Moreover, drowsiness could make your commute to work dangerous. You could slip or fall, misuse tools or get into a car crash.

Prioritizing work over yourself can make it challenging to find enough time to recharge. Consider what modifications you can make to give yourself more time to rest. If adjusting your work schedule or taking time off isn’t an option, saying no to extra work or not allowing managers to contact you after hours might give you a much-needed break.

What to do if you suffer from a workplace injury

This time of the year is often challenging and hectic for employees. Still, it is crucial not to lose sight of your health and safety to enjoy the holidays fully.

Should you sustain an injury on the job, seek medical care immediately, document the incident and notify your employer. You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. While filing a claim is not always easy, understanding your rights as an employee may improve your situation.