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Qualifying for SSD benefits for mental conditions

Many of our readers in Ohio know that Social Security Disability benefits are available for people who are no longer able to work due to debilitating illnesses or injuries. However, some people are not aware that these same benefits could be available to those who suffer from mental conditions – not just physical health conditions.

But, the reality is that it is often much harder to qualify for SSD benefits based solely on a mental health condition. Unlike physical health conditions that are caused by injuries or illnesses, there is often no physical manifestation of a mental health condition that allows for a complete verification of the condition. A mental health condition must cause extreme limitations to a person’s mental function for them to be approved for SSD benefits, and there must typically be a well-documented history of the mental health condition.

For example, according to the Social Security Administration, some of the extreme mental limitations that may lead to applicants being approved for SSD benefits include: limitations to the person’s ability to manage themselves; limitations on a person’s ability to interact with others; limitations on their ability to concentrate; and limitations on their ability to remember or understand information.

Any Ohio residents who are planning to apply for Social Security Disability benefits based solely on the existence of a mental health condition should be ready to submit a rock-solid initial application. Medical documentation is crucial if applicants want the best chance to have their initial application for SSD benefits approved.