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Qualifying for SSD/SSI benefits could be easier than you think

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Qualifying For SSD/SSI Benefits

As we come into the new year, many make resolutions in terms of goals they have for themselves for the year. A year is a significant period of time in which, if a person sets their mind to it, can change the entire scope of a person’s life. Such could easily be true if a person seeks out and qualifies for SSD/SSI benefits. What does this entail and how could it change a person’s life for the better in 2019?

Most often, people want to know if they will qualify before setting off on the quest to obtain SSD/SSI benefits. It may not be clear initially if a person will qualify. Only after gathering the necessary information such as medical records, employment history and other relevant records and information, can one begin to answer that question to its fullest extent.

There is a difference between SSD benefits and SSI benefits. At Philip J Fulton Law Office, we can help to advise what path is best or most appropriate for your situation. As a reminder, these benefits are for those who are unable to work due to illness, injury or some other related factor. If you are on an approved list of disability diagnosis/illnesses it could be quite an expedited process to begin receiving benefits.

However, not everyone’s experiences will be in kind. Before writing it off completely, it’s good to look into this solution if an inability to work has afflicted you or a loved one. Taking the chance of benefit approval by qualifying for SSD/SSI benefits could pay in the long run, as those appointed benefits generally receive them after a period of 12 months or more of inability to work.