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Ohio amusement park cited after employee fell in work accident

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

When kids or adults alike think of amusement parks, lots of good memories and good times usually come to their mind. However, for one Ohio employee who worked at an amusement park, this may no longer be the case. After a work accident at an Ohio amusement park, an employee was injured in what OSHA determined a ‘preventable’ fall. Here’s what happened.

The employee was part of a three-person crew working on a skylight within the park. They were removing insulating blankets that covered the roof when the fall occurred. The specific citations from OSHA, after investigation the work accident, claim that the scenario the employees were working in required fall protection systems when employees work at elevated heights, or near floor and wall openings. While the worker’s injuries were not elaborated, on, you can imagine what a fall from that height could mean for a person’s health.

OSHA also cited the amusement park for failing to train employees to recognize fall hazards. Training and teaching proper employee safety on the job is park of many employers requirements and responsibilities. The full citation totals $142,270 and the amusement park has 15 days in which to respond to the findings by OSHA. They can either comply, request a conference with the OSHA director or contest the findings.

Falls are one of the number one causes of work injury for all Americans. Most often, they are preventable. Fall safety systems and proper employee training are two huge reasons that work accidents involving falls occur and injure employees. It seems like a senseless way to suffer an injury. That’s why OSHA is citing the employer for their negligence.