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Highway 24 worker killed when struck doing road work

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Wrongful Death

There is a law in Ohio that states a vehicle must move over to the next lane if there is a vehicle pulled over with lights flashing. There are several reasons that this law is in place, the most important being to save human lives. This is because when people are on the side of the road, they are in danger of being struck by another vehicle. This is exactly what happened to an Ohio construction worker on the side of Highway 24.

The specific location was on the shoulder of Highway 24 in Waterville Township. Officials claim the driver was driving in the left lane when he changed lanes and traveled too far over, hitting the victim and the crew’s work truck in the left shoulder. According to witnesses, speed isn’t thought to be a factor and it’s not yet known what caused the man to veer into the construction lane.

Troopers report that that stretch of road has been under construction for about a week or two. The zone has been set up to warn drivers that there is construction in the area. According to the state trooper, “That’s why we have the law in place to move over or slow down for any stationary vehicles that are on the side of the road with lights flashing.” It seems like a senseless fatal workplace accident.

This fatal work-related accident can be looked at from many angles. There are many potential parties who could share fault in this situation. One should check that the proper safety measures were in place per the employer. Of course, the driver who struck the man needs to be looked into, closely. There are other potential parties to consider as well.