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Physical disability changes everything, including ability to work

You probably weren’t always disabled. There was once a time when your body responded the way it should, and it made your everyday life easier and well-lived. When your body fails you (and ultimately it fails everyone), it can have consequences the likes of which you never considered. For those who are not yet to retirement age, it could mean an inability to work and thus an inability to earn a living.

If this is sounding familiar, you may want to consider your options other than earning a working wage. Social Security Disability benefits for physical disability can help to bridge the gap between living expenses and a physical inability to work. At the Philip J Fulton Law Office, we know any number of things can contribute to or cause a physical disability. For those that have paid into disability benefits (through their paychecks) over the years, SSD benefits are a good option when physical disability has you down.

Just like any number of incidents or reasons could cause a physical disability, it can also manifest in a variety of ways. There are literally an endless number of ailments and symptoms one could suffer from if they have a physical disability. This is why it’s important to lay out your case for the SSA so they can fully understand your disability. Failure to do this could result in a denial of benefits.

No-one wants to be asking for disability benefits. Ask any disabled person, they would rather be in perfect health! However, for some, it’s the only option. Get the benefits you so desperately need and deserve when your disability renders you unable to work.