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Forklift operator killed in fatal Ohio workplace accident

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

This blog recently discussed workers’ compensation options and resources available to injured workers in Ohio and to surviving family members of workers killed in workplace accidents in Ohio. Sadly, workplace accidents illustrate the importance of these protections and why it is equally important for workers and their families to be familiar with the workers’ compensation resources and protections available to them.

In a neighboring Ohio community about an hour west of the Columbus area, a recent fatal workplace accident left one worker dead. The worker was killed in a workplace accident at an automotive glass manufacturing plant. The forklift operator was killed in the accident that is currently under investigation. Workers at the plant have alleged unsafe working conditions and have unsuccessfully sought to unionize.

The company that owns the plan has been cited for violations of machine safety, electrical hazards and a lack of protective gear. The company agreed to pay $100,000 a year ago to resolve safety violations at the plant. Last spring, the company reported spending millions of dollars on safety measures. Workers have the right to a safe workplace. The livelihood of workers and their families depend on a safe working environment and safe working conditions and when that reasonable expectation has been violated, it is a serious concern.

When a tragic workplace accident has occurred, workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio provide benefits for surviving family members to hep them during a difficult time. Different workers’ compensation benefits are available for different circumstances but what is important is that workers and their families are familiar with how these benefits can help them, which they are entitled to receive and how to access these benefits especially during difficult and challenging times.

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