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Can I file for Social Security Disability for memory loss?

There are many causes of memory loss, including brain injuries, aging, medications, depression or excess stress, in Ohio and throughout the country. This condition may cause confusion, erratic mood changes, misplace items or difficulty following directions. Memory loss can interfere with one’s ability to work, and if someone is suffering from severe symptoms, they may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

To qualify for SSD with memory loss, applicants must experience one or more of these symptoms: disorientation, short or long-term memory impairment, hallucinations, abrupt changes in personality or mood or the loss of 15 or more IQ points. These symptoms must cause one or more of the following: a marked restriction of everyday activities, difficulty maintaining social interactions, difficulty concentrating or completing activities at a reasonable pace or repeated episodes of decompensation.

Decompensation is defined as a time during which symptoms are significantly worse. These episodes must generally be progressive and worsening in severity or duration.

When applying for SSD benefits for memory loss, applicants must include sufficient medical documentation. Applicants should provide proof of hospital visits, medical evaluation and medical results pertaining to memory loss, notes from doctors explaining their symptoms and how they affect their skills and abilities, and a history of treatments and their responses to those treatments.

The medical evidence must show that the applicant is incapable of performing simple or repetitive activities that require short or long-term memory. Available treatments must have been ineffective in improving the condition to the point that the applicant would be able to perform the duties required of unskilled positions. When applying for Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions, applicants would benefit from a SSD attorney who can ensure that they have complied sufficiently with SSA requirements.