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What are the most common construction injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Construction Accidents

There are many ways people can be injured and killed in the construction industry. There are four main types of accidents called the fatal four, which are so named because they are the most common reasons for death in the construction industry. The so-called “fatal four” injuries result in up to 57 percent of all fatalities in the construction industry.

These four accident types include falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects and being caught between objects. Here’s an example of each: falls may take place on the ground or from the air. For instance, if you’re working on the floor of your manufacturing building and slip on water, you could hit your head and suffer a fatal brain injury.

Electrocutions are another possibility. These can happen by using unsafe equipment or working without safety precautions in place. For example, if you’re working with electrical units, you should wear protective gloves and rubberized soles on your shoes.

Being struck by objects can also be common. In many construction workplaces, you’re required to wear a hardhat to prevent falling objects from causing brain injuries. Other kinds of objects that could strike you would include crane arms, logs from log splitters and other items.

Being caught between objects is another way people are injured and killed in construction work. This happens when someone’s shirt is caught and pulled into a machine or when a worker is caught between a vehicle and a wall, for example. These injuries, along with the other three kinds, are preventable, which is why the industry focuses on reducing the risk of these accidents as much as possible.

Workers’ compensation comes into play when workers are injured or killed in workplace accidents. If a claim is made and denied, an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation appeals can be very valuable.

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