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Depression may qualify you for disability benefits in Ohio

It is fairly well understood that depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental “illnesses” among the population of the United States. For example, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, as of 2012 almost 7 percent of adults in the U.S. had experienced a major depressive episode within the previous year. This means that, on average, seven out of every 100 residents of Ohio have had a problem with depression. Further, dealing with depression can be debilitating. The World Health Organization estimates that over 8 percent of U.S. “years lived with disability” are caused by depression, making it the single largest cause of disability among mental or behavioral disorders.

Unfortunately, our society has created a stigma around many mental health issues. Many people look at psychological problems as indicating weakness or a lack of “willpower.” Depression especially is often dismissed as “feeling sad.” There is a current of thought in society that if a depressed person would just “get over it,” that person would be fine. Regardless of this societal stigma, depression is a medical illness, no less real than cancer or tuberculosis. And, as shown above, it can be debilitating. Fortunately, people with depression severe enough to interfere with their ability to get through a day may be able to qualify for disability benefits in Ohio. While such illnesses are harder to document than some physical ailments, it can be done.

Because of this difficulty, it may be especially important for individuals applying for disability due to mental health issues to get more information, both medically and legally. If you are battling depression and thinking about disability benefits, please get medical help, and if you have questions about your disability case, please consider looking at our web page on disability and mental health issues.