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December 2012 Archives

SSDI is described as a "challenging process"

Critics of the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program often imply that there are many people in the system that could work, but simply want to obtain free benefits from the government. Sadly, for most individuals who are rendered disabled by illness or injury, that is far from the case.

New technology allows some paralyzed people to walk again

The plight of people who have sustained spinal cord injuries is well known to many in Ohio. Researchers seem to be looking for cures to the condition almost constantly, with new reports of medical and scientific steps forward being released regularly. Many victims of a spinal cord injury simply want to walk again -- a feat that many others in this world take for granted.

State Supreme Court rules on workplace accident suits

Two Ohio workers have lost their suits against their separate employers for injuries they suffered. Though both were allowed to recover damages by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, the employers appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court. Due to this, their case has been watched by experts to observe how the highest court in the state would interpret a state workplace accident law passed in 2005. These rulings could be extremely important to any victims of construction accidents in Ohio.

Growth of SSDI program may stabilize in future

Growth of entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare, cause great concern when projecting the future status of these programs. Heath care expenses seem to continue to grow exponentially, as do the number of beneficiaries the programs will need to cover. Sustaining these programs becomes more and more troubling, with no easy solutions available.

Changes in SSA policies may accelerate disability applications

While some injured workers in Ohio seek workers' compensation, there are other options. Social Security Disability benefits can be sought by such individuals, but their injuries must be serious enough to consider them disabled and unable to work. One of the major issues with SSD benefits, though, is the amount of time it takes to receive an approval on an application. A recent decision from the Social Security Administration may be cutting down on that time.

What can be done to keep SSDI solvent

While the fiscal cliff does not directly affect Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefit payment, as they have their own funding source, the program is facing its own financial problems, the most pressing of which is the exhaustion of the trust fund.

Number of workers' comp claims in health care are on decline

The health care industry is one that is apparent in each and every state, including Ohio. A recent study conducted by global risk management group Aon Risk Solutions examined the factor of workers' compensation, considering the effects that it is having and will have on said industry. According to the report, claim frequency is expected to decline in 2013 while claim severity will likely see an increase.

The future of SSDI and how to insure its solvency

We often hear characterizations of the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program that make it sound as if obtaining benefits were somehow a lucky break, like winning the lottery. Some have suggested recently that growth in the program is due to unemployment benefits expiring for some and that they revert to SSDI benefits as a fallback position. We find it difficult to that suggestion seriously.

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