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Safety precautions may save money, Ohio employees’ health

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

Businesses in Columbus, Ohio should consider creating a safety culture rather than a safety program, according to one expert. This mentality allows the company and its employees to realize that most workplace injuries are preventable to some degree. Despite this fact, employers are still held responsible when an injury occurs on the job and this can result in workers’ compensation payments being made to an injured employee.

For many companies, the major consideration is profit. This may come across as no surprise to most people, but consider what this mindset may cause an employer to think. It could allow them to believe that by working their employees to the bone, they are doing the right thing: maximizing profits. When a worker is tired or stressed in any way, it may cause them to become more susceptible to workplace injuries.

Interestingly, a profit-focused company can behave exactly opposite and benefit all.

According to some, investing in workplace safety can save a company $3 for every dollar that is spent. The turnaround on this figure, if it is accurate, is 300 percent. Consider this: A $500 injury at a company with a 10-percent profit margin would only be covered after selling $50,000 worth of product. This $500 figure is a low-end estimate when considering the costs of training a replacement employee, lost efficiency due to the absence of an experienced employee and insurance premium increases.

Employers and employees alike should be willing to create a safer work environment for the sake of themselves and each other. If the safety of workers is in question, consider contacting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and remember that an employer can be held liable for any incidence of injury while on the job.

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