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April 2011 Archives

Number of Social Security claims in Ohio increasing, part three

In our last two posts, we have been writing about the record-high number of individuals in Ohio who have been awarded Social Security Disability benefits. While it is important that disabled individuals receive the financial support they need, it is also critical that there are opportunities for them to transition back to the workforce if they are able or interested.

Number of Social Security claims in Ohio increasing, part two

In our last post, we discussed the increasing number of individuals in Ohio who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Currently, about one in 21 Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 receive benefits. The increase in the number of applicants the government is approving is good news for the individuals who need support.

Number of Social Security claims awarded in Ohio increasing

When individuals are unable to work because of physical injuries or illnesses, they may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Although some individuals qualify to receive benefits from Social Security until they reach retirement age, other people can start working again after a few years.

Immediate nutrition fosters recovery in Ohio brain injury victims

In recent posts, we have written about the most effective treatment for traumatic brain injurys. From football players to military personnel and car accident victims, the scope of individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injurys is large.

Receiving benefits for brain injurys caused by work injuries

In our last post, we wrote about former NFL player who committed suicide after suffering from a severe brain injury for years. Shane Dronett, like many professional football players, sustained repeated blows to the head as part of his job. Unfortunately, because he did not realize the hits caused a brain disease - chronic traumatic encephalopathy - so he did not apply for workers' compensation.

Repetitive hits to the head can cause brain injurys

You may be aware of the attention concussions and brain injurys have received in the Ohio media and from the government. Medical research continuously shows that individuals who suffer repeated head injuries are at risk for severe brain injurys.

Rehabilitative therapy for TBI may be covered by insurance

In an earlier post, we discussed the type of intensive rehabilitation therapy Rep. Gabrielle Giffords would require after getting shot in the head. Because Giffords was shot while she was working, the expensive treatment for her traumatic brain injury (TBI) was covered by workers' compensation.

Road construction zones in Ohio cause fatal accidents for workers

It is a well-known fact that construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. Construction workers who work on Ohio's roads and highways may face even more injuries than those who work on buildings.

Ohio construction accident kills one and severely burns another

Construction jobs are among of the most dangerous work that exists. Working with heavy objects in unpredictable weather can be dangerous. For construction workers in Ohio, that combination turned out to be fatal. The construction accident left one man dead and another with severe burns on his hands and feet.

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