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Two-car accident kills construction worker in Ohio

A 63-year-old man from Campbell, Ohio, is dead. The Avon Police Department confirmed that the construction worker was killed on Sept. 12 when a two-car accident occurred. The construction accident caused the man to sustain life-threatening injuries - he would succumb to those some time after he was transported via ambulance to the Avon Emergency Care Center.

City of Struthers cited for deaths of workers

Serious injuries can come at unexpected times, no matter where an employee works. When a worker is critically injured in Ohio, she or he has the right to make a workers' compensation claim so that time can be taken to recover from the injury without losing all of one's income. Unfortunately, some workplace injuries are fatal and leave families without their breadwinners. No amount of workers' compensation can make up for the loss of a loved one.

Truck driver killed in serious crash

In 2008, a terrible trucking accident rocked one man's family forever. The man, a semi driver, was killed in a crash with another truck. In the aftermath, his family filed a lawsuit against the company that owned the other truck involved in the accident and allowed the irresponsible driver behind the wheel, despite his history of unsafe driving. The wrongful death suit ended when the deceased's family was awarded $7 million. Trucking companies in Ohio and elsewhere have strict regulations to follow and can be held responsible if they fail to comply.

Ohio trench collapses; worker barely escapes in time

When construction work involves a great deal of digging, employers are required to follow a number of safety precautions. If a trench is greater than five feet deep, OSHA requirements mandate reinforcement to help prevent the ground from caving in.

How can OSHA more effectively protect Ohio employees?

If you only looked at statistics, you would think that workplaces are getting safer. In 2009, the number of on-the-job injuries and accidents decreased. Unfortunately, improved working conditions are not to thank for the drop in workplace accidents. Unemployment is.

OSHA Asks for Extra Safety Precautions during Holiday Sales Events

Twinkly lights, red nosed reindeer, snow frosted trees and intricate flakes have started appearing in store windows all over Ohio, an indication that the holiday season is just around the corner. With the holiday season comes holiday sales. Beginning with Black Friday, the annual day after Thanksgiving sale, November and December are two of the busiest shopping months of the year.

Columbus Military Training Exercise Kills One Soldier, Injures Four Others

It may be unfamiliar to some, but enrolling with the military is just like accepting a position with a corporation. The military is a job where soldiers earn wages, are given time off and sometimes suffer from work-related injuries. A veteran soldier died this month from a head injury suffered in a training exercise that left four others injured.

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