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Crushing injuries can damage the feet

Many industries require workers to have steel-toed shoes when they work. These provide optimal protection for the feet so they don’t suffer damage due to falling objects or other hazards that can crush the foot. Crush injuries to the foot take weeks or longer to heal,...

Office workers could still be at risk for injury

Many work-related injuries are the result of accidents that involve heavy equipment, tools, manual labor and more. You may assume that since you do not work in a dangerous environment that your risk of getting hurt on the job is slim. In reality, even office workers...

Creating a culture of safety on construction sites

Construction companies know that employees face certain risks on job sites. This type of work is complex and physically demanding, and there are often many people doing many different tasks all at the same time. It can be risky to work in this type of job, and the...

What can employers do to improve safety at work?

When an Ohio employee goes to work, he or she has the right to a reasonable expectation of safety in the workplace. It is the responsibility of each employer to provide tools and training to keep people safe, and it is also crucial to develop a culture of safety. Your...

How can you prepare for your disability hearing?

It can be devastating when your claim for disability benefits is not successful. After all, if you need disability support from the Social Security Administration, it means that you are unable to work because of a mental or physical condition. A denial may seem like a...