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Is your boss creating a dangerous workplace?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Do you feel like you have a dangerous workplace? In some occupations, it’s impossible to remove all risks. However, you may still think that your boss is making your job more dangerous than it needs to be. 

For instance, perhaps your employer is focused only on production. They will often tell workers to cut corners on safety if it means getting the job done faster. You may start to feel like your injury risks are far too high. 

What rights do you have when the workplace is unreasonably unsafe?

It’s important to remember that workers have many safety-related rights. For instance, if you file a report with OSHA, your company can’t retaliate by firing you or refusing to give you the hours you used to get. They can’t intimidate you into working in a place with clear and obvious hazards that are being ignored and neglected. 

However, even filing a report isn’t a guarantee that the proper safety steps will be taken. It can take a while for inspectors to actually come to the site. Once they do, they may give your employer a timeframe in which they have to make the upgrades and safety improvements. You could still be seriously injured during this process. 

Do you deserve compensation for workplace injuries?

Being injured on the job can lead to massive medical bills, lost wages and potential changes to your entire career. Whether your workplace was OSHA-compliant or not, you likely deserve workers’ comp to help you cover these costs. Make sure you know exactly what steps you can take, what rights you have and how to work toward the compensation you need after a workplace injury.