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Immediate course of action after a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Workplace Accidents

There are some occupations that are categorized as high-risk, while others are categorized as low-risk. However, there doesn’t seem to be an occupation that can be categorized as no-risk. This means, irrespective of occupation, every individual needs to be prepared for an unforeseen workplace accident and to be aware of their rights when a workplace accident occurs. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provides certain pointers for that purpose.

According to the BWC, the first step after a workplace accident is to inform the employer of the accident and the resulting injury. An accident report is prepared by the injured worker and a copy of the document is given to the injured worker. The report may need to be submitted to the Managed Care Organization at the time of availing treatment or to the BWC at the time the workers’ compensation claim is filed.

Also, immediately after a workplace accident, an injured worker must receive medical treatment. For the initial treatment, a worker can see any doctor, which means that an injured worker can consult a doctor or hospital of their choice. During this first visit, the injured worker must mention that the treatment being sought is for a workers’ compensation claim. An injured worker must also select and visit a BWC-certified doctor who will assess the injury. Only after that can the worker file a compensation claim.

While simple on paper, injured workers often experience a number of difficulties. Owing to those challenges and the difficulties that can arise, it may be wise for victims of workplace accidents to get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney at the earliest possible opportunity. That attorney can ensure that the worker gets the best possible treatment and help them pursue their workers’ compensation claim.