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How to appeal a denied Social Security disability claim

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Many initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied which is why it is important for disabled applicants to understand that a denial is not the end of the process and to be familiar with the options available to appeal a denied claim for Social Security disability benefits. There are several levels of appeal following a denied claim for Social Security disability benefits.

After an application for benefits has been denied, the first step in the appeals process is a request for reconsideration. It is important to assemble all of the disabled individual’s medical records to provide along with the request for reconsideration. The request for reconsideration involves a review of the applicant’s claim for damages by a fresh set of eyes other than the reviewer who initially reviewed the application.

Many claims for Social Security disability benefits are also denied following the request for reconsideration. If the claim remains denied, the disabled applicant can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. If the application remains denied following the judge’s decision following the hearing, the applicant can appeal to the Social Security Administration Appeals Council or next appeal in federal court.

Because important deadlines apply when an applicant has been denied Social Security disability benefits, it is essential to be familiar with those timelines and having trained guidance throughout the process of bringing an initial application for benefits through the appeals process can be helpful. For many disabled individuals, Social Security disability benefits are badly-needed benefits so familiarity with the appeals process can be vital for them and their families.

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