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You can make a claim for workers’ compensation death benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Wrongful Death

Work-related wrongful deaths are a major concern in the workplace, because safety precautions are meant to keep workers safe. If someone is hurt or killed, then the family is left to pick up those pieces. For instance, if a breadwinner passes away because of being involved in a workplace accident, the family now has to face losing income as well as a person they care about.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation claims can be made for death benefits in Ohio. That means that a family can file a claim requesting compensation for funeral costs, medical bills and lost wages for the person they no longer have to support them. The loss of companionship, among other aspects of the case, may also be important and can be discussed with your attorney.

If a person dies from an occupational disease, the statute of limitations on that party is two years. After that, no claim can be made. The date of injury begins the moment a person suffers an injury or dies, whichever the case may be for your lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim. If a disability is suffered, workers’ compensation benefits need to be claimed within two years. If a physician diagnoses a condition, then the timeline is shortened and the injured party has only six months to file a claim.

Our website has more information on workers’ compensation claims and the timeline you have to file for death benefits. You’ve already lost a loved one, but that doesn’t mean you need to struggle. These benefits are there for you, so reaching out for help in filing can be a step forward.