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Head injuries and the medical care you need to recover

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Brain Injury

A head injury is any kind of injury you suffer to your head, whether it’s the face, back of the head or other parts of your skull or scalp. Each kind of head injury is different, but whether mild or severe, it can impact you significantly. You could suffer from bleeding on the brain, lacerations on the outside of your head or a traumatic brain injury from impact.

There are four kinds of head injuries you may suffer from following an accident. A closed injury is one where your skull is not broken. Your brain is not directly penetrated, either. You can still suffer swelling on the brain, bruising or bleeding, though, which can make a closed injury dangerous.

An open injury is one that penetrates the skull. For instance, if you are in a vehicle when you’re hit and a piece of glass impales the skull, that’s an open injury. This can result in a fracture to your skull or bones that press into your brain. Your brain itself could be pierced.

More commonly seen is a concussion. You can suffer a concussion while playing sports or by slipping and falling. A concussion happens when your brain shakes in your skull. You may have a headache afterward or lose consciousness.

The least damaging condition to the head out of these tends to be scalp wounds. Tissue damage or bleeding may be common, but the brain is not usually impacted.

After suffering one of these injuries, you may need extensive medical treatment. You could need surgery, stitches or medications to prevent blood clots. You may need to be hospitalized or monitored, or you could need rehabilitation to relearn how to walk, talk or eat. Each injury is different, which is why it’s important to understand yours fully before you take a settlement.

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