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Denied workers’ compensation? You have other options

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Construction Accidents

While trucking accidents commonly result in victims in smaller vehicles coming forward, there’s another side to these situations. As a truck driver, you’re doing your job, and if a malfunction or someone else’s negligence causes you to wreck, you need to be compensated for that. You can be seriously hurt in a truck accident; a rollover or serious crash with another large vehicle could lead to head injuries, memory loss, broken bones or other debilitating problems.

When you’re in an accident, you could run into a dispute about who covers your injuries. Do you seek workers’ compensation for your injuries? Is the manufacturer of your vehicle liable for the malfunction or damage a defect caused?

If your employer claims you’re an independent contractor, that could be something you need to fight as well. Perhaps you thought you were covered by their workers’ compensation coverage, but now your employer states that you’re independently employed and should have purchased it yourself. You could also be questioning how to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered in Ohio, even though you’re an out-of-state driver.

In the case that you’re not eligible for workers’ compensation, there are potentially other ways you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You could make a personal injury claim against the other driver at fault for the accident, for instance, or you may want to start a lawsuit against your employer for not maintaining your vehicle correctly. Our site has more information about the potential lawsuits you could file, so you can cover your medical expenses, lost wages and the care you’ll need in the future.