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NFL still battling with settlement deal over brain injury cases

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Brain Injury

Imagine working for several years in a field and suffering multiple injuries over time. Every time, you think you’ve recovered but later, you find that you’ve been hurt beyond repair. Concussions are injuries that can have that effect, and now the National Football League is still trying to work out a deal with those who have been hurt through the American football league’s lack of transparency.

If you’ve followed the news over the last several months that has covered the NFL concussion deal, then you may be interested in the latest reports about the settlement and what the NFL is offering to players who have suffered due to head injuries. The NFL has asked a judge to approve a $1 billion settlement of concussion lawsuits, even though some former players and survivors have raised concerns about being left out of the settlement.

If the fund gets approved, it will settle and resolve thousands of lawsuits the NFL is currently facing, and it will also result in future cases being left without coverage. The lawsuits previously accused the NFL of hiding information about the dangers of concussions and brain injuries. Despite agreeing that head injuries can result from playing football and that serious brain injuries can permanently harm players, there are no payouts available for long-term injuries such as mood swings, dizziness or depression, all of which can be side effects of concussions.

The plan, if approved, also leaves out payments for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is what some people call the main disease related to the game. Some people also disagree with the settlement amount, because the NFL brings in approximately $10 billion annually.

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