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Brain injuries on the field can lead to workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 12, 2014 | Brain Injury

As a parent, the news that concussion rates have doubled for high school athletes may concern you, just like it would concern you if you were a pro sports player who had to worry about brain injuries and workers’ compensation. A brain injury like a concussion has to be taken very seriously, and it can lead to problems later in life. If your child has suffered from a brain trauma due to poor equipment or if you as a coach or player have suffered during practice or a game, it’s important to seek the compensation you deserve.

Considering the fact that the National Football League has had to settle many lawsuits about concussions and their dangers, paying workers’ compensation and settlements to pro players’ families and to the players themselves for serious brain injuries, the knowledge that the injuries are starting young may be of interest to you. Preventing these injuries in the first place is what will keep athletes, both professional and amateur, safe.

According to the news from May 7, concussion rates have more than doubled in high schools on the field between the years of 2005 and 2012. This is alarming, but the fact is that this knowledge is needed to help protect children and professionals who may end up needing to seek workers’ compensation due to extensive brain injuries later in life.

Awareness of this dangerous injury is vital; a traumatic brain injury, called a TBI, needs to be diagnosed and treated correctly. You may have noticed in Ohio that more attention is being paid to injuries on the field. This is good news, because it means the students are getting treated appropriately. When that happens, those who go on to be professional athletes may not have as many risks when they play or pre-existing brain damage to combat.

It’s good news that the states and schools are now paying attention, because originally, the NFL had concealed the link between the sport and traumatic brain injuries. The changes that are being made are partly due to the media coverage that finally disclosed just how dangerous the sports can be.

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