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Video of tragic accident in Ohio released

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Dayton, Ohio, residents may have heard about this terrible accident that caused the death of an elderly couple. In this wrongful death case, the reckless driver who struck them was allegedly traveling at 150 mph, or close to it, at the time of the impact. Now, on Dec. 11, a video was released of the accident by the Ohio State Highway Patrol; the video shows a fiery wreck with a horrible aftermath.

The video footage was caught by a police cruiser’s dash camera that was operating when the speeding 24-year-old’s car went by. The 24-year-old man was racing past the officers, according to the news, and he struck the elderly couple’s car shortly thereafter. The two people killed in the accident were 77 years old and were killed instantly when their mini-van was rear ended. Their vehicle caught on fire during the accident.

The accident allegedly happened along the Ohio Turnpike in the northern part of the state. The couple was killed on Thanksgiving, according to the news, and police have been investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. So far, that has not been confirmed.

Police reported that the 24-year-old was driving so fast that it was actually difficult to catch up to him. They claimed they were trying to catch up to the car to engage in a pursuit and to pull him over. About 10 minutes later, they came upon the crash scene. Troopers rushed to the mini-van to put out the flames.

This senseless accident resulted in the injury of the 24-year-old driver as well. He is currently incarcerated in the Lucas County Jail. His bond has been set at $1 million at this time. He has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide with a reckless specification. The families of the victims could pursue a civil lawsuit for compensation for wrongful death.

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