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A brain injury could change your life in the blink of an eye

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Brain Injury

Brain trauma is not something to be taken lightly. Many people have suffered brain injuries that have changed their lives completely, that have left them unable to perform the same tasks they once did without the help of others. What is most alarming about brain injuries is that people do not realize how easy it is to suffer one: A fall from a ladder at work could be all that it takes if an employee’s head takes the brunt of the impact. Another situation that could cause a severe brain injury is a car accident. If you’re on the job and driving a company car when such an accident happens, it could be considered a workplace injury. But rather than talk about the semantics of such an incident, the effects should be addressed.

One woman who hit her head while riding a scooter — she was at home, not at work — found out the consequences of a brain injury the hard way. According to reports, she suffered not one severe brain injury but three. Bleeding and swelling occurred as well. In addition to these, she also broke her collarbone. Due to the pressure and bleeding caused by the accident, a portion of her brain died, causing her to forget many different routines that most people take for granted. For instance, the woman had to begin cognitive and physical rehabilitation soon after to help her rebuild her speaking, thinking and reasoning capabilities. At some point, she even took classes on how to perform daily activities like brushing her teeth and cooking.

But less than a year later, the woman returned to college to finish her law degree. Her rehabilitation had been extremely intense and her fianc? had been by her side the entire time, supporting her and making sure that she was getting better. But such intense rehab often costs a considerable amount of money and so does the care it takes to recover from a severe brain injury, let alone three. In this case, the woman was very lucky. Some people would require permanent caretaking after such an incident, another expensive item. If you have suffered a brain injury while on the job and you live in Ohio, speak to a qualified attorney about your injuries. Your employer may be responsible for your injuries and a lawyer can help you hold the company liable, if that is the case.

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