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Get your SSDI benefits sooner rather than later

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Social Security Disability

Countless people have experienced a workplace injury in Franklin, Ohio. While not all injuries are serious, some can be much worse than others, potentially leaving a person disabled and unable to work. When this happens, an employee has the option of requesting benefits from the Social Security Administration, particularly in the form of disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance is something that many workers are allowed to access, as long as they can prove their claims with medical evidence.

The problem is that recently released estimates are suggesting that the fund will be exhausted in 2016. If that happens, individuals with SSDI coverage will see a 20-percent decrease in the amount of funds they receive as benefits. Experts are unsure how the government will address this issue, but some expect that legislators will reallocate taxes associated with the Federal Insurance Contributions Act to help the trust fund that provides SSDI benefits survive.

Cuts have already been made on the administration side. According to reports, the SSA had a permanent staff at the end of fiscal year 2012 that was missing 7,600 workers when comparing it to the beginning of fiscal year 2011. Many consequences have stemmed from this, including delayed processing times and shorter office hours. Interestingly, these cuts may not have much of an effect on the grand scheme because administration costs only account for 0.8 percent of the total expenditures associated with the SSA. The bulk of the costs come from paying out benefits.

If you have had an SSDI claim denied, speak with an attorney as soon as possible. She or he may have the expertise necessary to have your claim filed, considered and accepted, giving you access to the benefits you deserve. It may be smarter to do this sooner rather than later so that you can receive larger benefits for a longer period of time.

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