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Fraudulent chiropractor depletes Ohio’s workers’ comp fund

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2011 | Social Security Disability

Anyone who has applied for workers’ compensation or Social Security benefits knows how frustrating it can be to navigate the government’s red tape. Benefits are designed to provide the financial support individuals need; however, the process seems so challenging that it discourages some people from applying.

The process is not intended to prevent disabled or injured workers from receiving the support they need. It is designed to prevent government money from going to fraudulent individuals and other people who don’t actually need financial support. Sadly, some people still cheat the system. In Fairfield, Ohio, a chiropractor is facing charges for workers’ compensation fraud and theft.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Special Investigations Department began investigating the chiropractor, Bruce, when they learned he was hiding his involvement in the treatment of injured workers.

Because Bruce was found guilty of workers’ compensation fraud in 1996, he is no longer certified to receive compensation from the government for services he provides. In order to trick the system again, he used the names and identification numbers of other chiropractors in order to file claims. An administrator with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation stated that individuals like Bruce threaten “the integrity and solvency of the State Insurance Fund.”

When the government makes mistakes and gives money to individuals or businesses that do not need it, resources are taken away from those who actually need benefits. When Bruce was charged in 1996, he had billed the Bureau for more than $13,000 worth of services he never provided. It is indisputably good that Bruce was caught twice, but when fraudulent individuals cheat their ways through the system, it raises a red flag about whether the Bureau could be doing a more effective job at screening individuals.

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